Friday, April 23, 2010

I really have a thing about this belly dance number by Ivo Papazov & Atanas Stoev

This is an improv piece. I wish it wasn't so I could keep listening to this as a longer version, or just over and over again. For some reason this little number I find very exciting. I wish it went on and on and on so I could have sex to it or just get a euphoric high from the weird thing this song does to my brain. I want to mesh it with my being. I'm about 20 YouTube watches into doing just that. It's lovely!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm playing music for an art opening this Saturday Night in Sacramento

Cinder in Wonderland Art Opening & Music Featuring:
Julie the Bruce and Sir Jhon. Art opening for the artist Cinder, with a fantastic collection of his strange visions and even a handcrafted 3-D game!

The night’s entertainment will be presented by Lady Julie the Bruce (formerly Secretions and Phlegmings) and Sir Jhon (Trainwreck Revival, Be Brave Bold Robot) beginning around 6:30.

Bouts of accordion and banjo guitar by The Bruce will be interspersed by smatterings of robot banjo guitar as played by Sir Jhon. Songs will be dedicated to Cinder’s brilliant art.
And that is your weather report for Saturday night!
Cinder’s art is really brilliant & you should come buy some cos it’s cheep and you would love to have it! I have three of his pieces. I wish I had wall space for more.Contact United Coffeehouse at 916-451-5151 for more information!

United Coffeehouse 2114 Sutterville Road, Sacramento CA

Friday, April 2, 2010

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