Friday, January 27, 2012

I'm playing this coming Wednesday at the Fox and Goose, 1001 R St, Sacramento, Ca. Here's a flyer I made for the show.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Here is one of my favorite newer songs, If Not Today, Tomorrow. It's amazing how different this song feels to play every time I play it. This time I felt a frightening sweaty lucidity of emotion resulting in an almost orgasmic release. Well, even I didn't expect that.
I wrote this song literally as you see it here at like, 5 am. I played a Kala U Bass, one of the most fun things I've picked up in a while.  I was inspired.  And will forever be slightly distracted. The effects of that much kryptonite will never completely go away. Dammit. I'm a love mutant.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Luna's Cafe Show Jan 6th with Julie the Bruce, Nate Beier, and Joe Gray

Here are some photos from last night's show at Luna's Cafe. This particular night I really felt the special lucid state that I had hoped for in a performance. I haven't really been playing accordion that long and sometimes it still feels so strange to me. But not this accordion, this Sonola brand 80 bass accordion. We got it from a pawn shop back east and knew it was going to arrive messed up.  It arrived with several reeds out and confetti in it. Then we had Skyler Fell at Accordion Apocalypse in San Francisco bring her back from the dead. Since then she's been my preferred songwriting accordion and practice accordion, and now I am finding I just can't seem to feel as comfortable playing a show without her. Sometimes, I forget that we are two separate entities, this accordion and  I. This accordion and sheer adrenalin contributed to what I think was my best show yet on the squeezebox. I've had this zombie cold thing going around. But I pulled it off anyway, with only about three shots of whiskey to "ahem" clear my throat!