Friday, May 27, 2011

Freaks Like Us at the Fungarden 20 year Secretions Alumni Show.wmv

Footage from last night's Secretions show at Luigi's Fungarden, singing "Freaks Like Us", a song I wrote which also helped inspire Pinhead Gunpowder to write "West Side Highway".

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Upcoming Punk and Accordion Entertainments with Yours Truly

Alumni set, Friday night! I'm there.

Julie the Bruce, aka "Bulletgirl"

Molly Church, Mickie Rat, Julie the Bruce, Danny Secretion

It is time for the fun to begin again somewhere besides my bedroom. Now don't get the wrong idea because that's where I practice accordion! :)


MARCH 26TH-Tomorrow the fun begins by revisiting my old band The Secretions for a TWENTY YEAR reunion show at Luigi's Fungarden (20th between K and J Streets) starting at 7:30 pm.
If you are unfamiliar with The Secretions, well, they are great like The Groovie Ghoulies or the Ramones but back when I was in the band we also sounded something like Los Angeles band "X" with a dash of "X-Ray Spex".  And you can hear every other available incarnation of past and present incarnations of The Secretions too! Other members of the band have written songs that are forever favorites of mine!
Morgan Giles, one of the other former Secretions, once told me I sounded like a cross between Joan Baez and Joey Ramone, and I have to blame The Secretions for that. Come listen to him sing "I gotta pee!"

This show is beyond my control an UNDER 21 show unless accompanied by a minor. They want the kids to feel at ease. So if you are a grown up without a minor you have to stand outside. Please wear a trenchcoat for the appropriately creepy effect. And it's supposed to be a songwriter showcase kind of a deal or something.
I wrote a number of songs with The Secretions including Freaks Like Us, 4 Speed Automatic Jesus, I-5 (about a man I read a news story about who took some hard drugs, drove up I-5 and then pulled over on the side of the road waving a gun around. It caused the police to blockade the road and kept Kings fans from being able to get to the game. Ha ha ha! See it from his perspective!) So it will be cool if you could go to that show but you might not be able to see it depending on your age. Ha ha, you've been around the sun too many times! We're also going to play X-Ray Spex's "Oh Bondage Up Yours" because we used to cover it and as a tribute to Poly Styrene.

MARCH 27TH- If you're a grown-up, The Secretions want you to go to this show. It's the first day of "SUCK-FEST", a celebration of a band that's, well, been together in some form or another for twenty years. It's a great show on Friday out in Citrus Heights at the Fire Escape
(7431 Madison Avenue Citrus Heights, CA 95610-7407) and it is like the most pop-punk-rock-as-sh*t show ever, with the Mr T Experience and everything! TONS of bands. So you should come out, we will perform the alumni set towards the end of the night I think. I have to say the songs sound better than ever! Or maybe it was the bottle of brandy I had at practice! Come out and see for yourself. There will be a special kazoo solo performed by yours truly! And Saturday and Sunday there are two more days at the Fire Escape dedicated to The Secretions, with tons of bands and Secretions kareoke. Pretty wild really! It will never happen again! Say you were there! And have BEEN there!

JUNE 24th there is a show in the works with me performing a lot of new material on accordion at Luna's that I am very excited about with other acts as yet unknown. This is not an Squeezebox Shindig but there is due to be one in the month of July should anyone get back to me about wanting to play the show! It could even be you! Friday or Saturday.


Julie the Bruce

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I HAVE BEEN STOLEN!!! If you see me, report me to the Sacramento Ca Police Department

Borsini Modern Accordion, stolen May 11 from Sacramento residence. Had dark brown case.
Also stolen, a Crucinelli Accordion, has LMMH treble reed banks,
Black with 7 bass switches and 8 paddle style Treble Registers-
Accordion, Violin, Piccolo,Oboe,Bassoon,Clarinet, Melodeon; Palm switch master switch, for 9 voices total
Name "Crucianelli" on front, white bellows, Newer style Amplification,age approx. 50 years