Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bobby Joe Ebola & the Children Mac Nuggits, Life is Excellent

BEST SONG EVER? QUITE POSSIBLY. Bobby Joe Ebola and The Children Mac Nuggits sing "Life is Excellent." At Casa De Chaos in Sacramento, January 21, 2011.

Hobo Goblins at Casa de Chaos Rub Alcohol Blues

A great inspiration to me, the lovely and talented Skyler Fell on accordion and vocals with Thee Hobo Gobbelins!

The Hobo Gobbelins - Hall of Mirrors -

Hobo Gobbelins at Casa de Chaos SONG ?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Squeezebox Shindig January 28th at Luna's Cafe, Sac Ca Shamalamacord, Yeti, and me!

January 28th, 8pm Luna's Cafe
This is a Squeezebox Shindig Event put on by yours truly!
(from France) 
and Julie the Bruce
1414 16th St, Sacramento, CA, 95814-5004
(916) 441-3931

This show is going to be so amazing that I am hyper ventilating! 

Shamalamacord is Aaron Seaman on accordion and Mike Penny on shamisen. They were both in Fishtank Ensemble. Aaron is an amazing performer, accordion and piano teacher. Mike is an award winning shamisen player. Together, they make a power duo to inspire and terrify their audience with their mad skills playing in what might be considered a jazz/gypsy style. I am not worthy! Aaron the accordion player gives me a little bit of rock star goosebumps. Eeek! He is a rock star, and so is Mike, and you need to take this opportunity to see these guys play in Sacramento!

Yeti is Jetty Swart,
and has a very interesting photo in the 2011 Accordion Babes calendar (really you should look it up) and is Miss August. Check out the calendar, it's got a great CD compilation featuring Yeti and other great accordion playing ladies!
From Holland via France and her music and energy and ability to "own it" is amazing. She has a wide vocal range and it doesn't seem like there is anywhere her voice can't go. She sings mostly in French accompanying herself expressively on accordion, and occasionally, with rubber chickens. She is sure to give a magical performance.
I will be opening the show with a short set of my own material on accordion and banjo guitar so these performers have some time to really dig into their material! I'm very excited to share them with you!
DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW.These performances are going to be magic.