Saturday, January 30, 2010

That Damned Sour Mash Band - Unknown song

That Damned Sour Mash Band - Over the Rails for you

That Damned Sour Mash Band - Hole in my Shoe

That Damned Sour Mash Band - Yiddish Blues

That Damned Sour Mash Band -Inheritance

That Damned Sour Mash Band - The Rabbi is Drunk

That Damned Sour Mash Band - Malachi's Song

filmed by valle Tiberti

That Damned Sour Mash Band "So Long Toots"

Local Footage from Scollans Ranch, Sacramento, CA

Hello friends,
I will be posting some videos and links to videos from a show my husband and I attended and filmed at the art collective at Scollans Ranch in Sacramento Ca. Some of our friends from That Damned Band out of Austin and The Sour Mash Hug band came together at the request of Junior at the Ranch and he played with them some too.  All the music here pretty much features accordion, and also just some really talented friends of ours we were happy to find playing a show here.
If you want to find MORE of these videos, or at least a chronological listing of the songs, you can go to or /valletiberti. Also, lots more video will be posted there in the future so keep looking please!l
Stolichnya by The Moss Brothers! Played by That Damned Sour Mash!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Highway to Hell Accordion Class Taught by Duckmandu

Last Saturday I was very pleased to join the class for "Highway to Hell" taught by Aaron Seeman, aka Duckmandu, at The Accordion Apocalypse in SF.  A few years ago I first saw him playing with The Fishtank Ensemble. Well, anyway, he is an amazing accordionist. I didn't realize he could play just about anything. He has some skillful playing tricks he taught us that are still expanding in my mind as to their possibilities. Thank you Aaron, for all you taught us in such a short amount of time but also for making it fun, and there's video of the class too:

It was a very remarkable class and I hope to take more from him in the future. Plus he is just a heck of a nice guy. So are all the folks at the Accordion Apocalypse, so if you feel like buying an accordion, why not get it from them?

Friday, January 8, 2010

More Accordions, less time!

Well, my husband and I have managed to obtain some more choice accordions from which we must decide which to keep and which to sell. The last two that came in this week are both amplified and awesome "creampuff" excellent condition boxes. One is a Giuletti 3 voice box with a system 50 amplification system and about an 18" keyboard, which sounds incredible through my Boden tube amp school PA system/record player. But it is a larger box and for some reason it doesn't feel as good as the other boxes I play, the Sonola Rivoli and the Frankenstein Accordiana, neither of which are amplified.  Yesterday we got in the Universal "midget" accordion, also amplified, but with a 15.25 keyboard. It is a beautiful pearl white finish with lots of swirls in the faceplate. It is also in excellent condition. I wasn't sure that I could play such a small keyboard, but I played it just fine anyway. Now that it is later in the day I can finally fire up the tubes!