Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm playing with some interesting new acts in Sacramento CA this Friday at Luna's Cafe.

Also, I've been attending some really great shows lately and there is lots of footage at www.youtube.com/juliethebruce. I am especially pleased to post footage of one of my very FAVORITE bands ever, Petrojvic Blasting Co!
They played at Sophia's Thai Kitchen in Davis, and they said after that they were going on hiatus! Nooooooo! I want that band to be house band in my brain with their balkan madness, and there is no other band I can think of that I would say that about. Check it out for yourself. I'm very pleased with how the footage came out.

Petrojvic Blasting Company in Davis CA June 2012
Sorry I don't post so often, but I gotta go practice!

Friday, June 15, 2012

I was so very pleased to get to play at Scollan Ranch in Sacramento. They are a group of little sheds by the tracks where characters for fairy tale stories were constructed. In any case, there is a great corrugated shack with a stage and assorted this and thats around that look like they have been there for decades. A magical place indeed, a magical stage, I got magically f*cked up on whiskey after I played, blacked out for five hours. But that headache I had for a week sure went away!
This is Bone Dragon.