Sunday, July 27, 2014

It's been my dream to do some shots in the cemetery near my house. I don't mean hard liquor shots, I mean photographs. Although, now that you mention it, don't mind if I do!
In any case, I managed to round up at the same time, two photographers and a limo in a cemetery. Lucky for me, the light was good that day, even though it was a hot day in July. Things went very well and the libidos of all the guys taking photos and driving encouraged a particularly saucy vibe at times. Even though we were shooting in a cemetery. With a camera, dummy!
In a limo, with two cameras shooting me, was a pretty good time. When we got out, there was a dead squirrel! I sang it a song. It was very inspiring. I wish I would have worn more clothes. But, I'm not getting any younger, so what the hell.
My photographers were Valle' Tiberti and Mark Badovinac, of the band The Polymers. They kept switching cameras, so in some cases I'm not sure who took which photo. In any case, it was a blast! Here are just a few of my favorite shots from today's clandestine photo shoot!

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