Saturday, July 31, 2010

Its all been a waste by julie the bruce.wmv

Here is a song I originally wrote on guitar called "It's all been a waste". Its about drinking, or is it? It's about when you can't forget about someone even when you are drunk off your ass, because whenever you do you're instantly sober. No matter how much you drink, it still feels the same. Sucks to be you then!

Friday, July 16, 2010

An Accordion Week off and fun events in the bay area!

Tomorrow I am pleased to say I get to pick up my La Melodiosa with it's rebuilt bass section from Accordion Apocalypse and I'll get to sleep in a room full of accordions with my true love! Then, onto an SF Accordion Club meeting with the Thee Hobo Gobbelins playing. And later on in the week, the Lovely Miss Salane has her art gallery closing party on Friday. She is a great talent and a delightful person. You should see her act and her art!

The Bruce

 Miss Salane has her newest paintings on display from July 12th - July 28th, 2010 at Cricket Engine Gallery.
Please call her cell at: 510-712-1394 to set up a viewing appointment . She will try to be open every Sat. and Sun. from 12- 4 pm. But please call me first to make sure that I will be there, as I would feel bad for you to make a wasted visit.

ALL AROUND US: a collection of works by Salane C. Schultz

Cricket Engine Gallery
499 Embarcedaro Ave. Bldg #3
Oakland, CA 94606
510-712-1394 ( call for directions if you get lost.) Just look for the signs!!!

Salane C Schultz

Friday, July 2, 2010

Exploring my hometown on a lovely July Day

I went exploring downtown Sacto today. It was a
great thrill, the downtown"Westfield" mall is rapidly degrading into a "dirt mall"( or a turf mall might be more appropriate a moniker!), the Hard Rock is gone as if the giant guitar was never
there. The Suncoast vanished and in it's place a completely out of order used DVD and game store
with cardboard cutouts of gross oily wrestlers scattered half-heartedly about. I think the mall is paying him to make it look like it's a business. Half the mall is a giant ad for an astroturf company. And inbetween the mall and the well coined "Old Sac" on the understated hitchhikers/train hoppers stopping lawn I gave Kento from Japan some bills for a
collection of his photographs, including this one. I like it. Maybe there's hope yet?
So, if you see a too-skinny japanese kid with dreads with his thumb pointed eastward, give the nice kid a ride. He asked me if he looked clean, and I said he looked pretty clean! So, it's OK, he's not too dirty, he won't mess up your car.