Monday, September 6, 2010

Accordion Day Spa Continues into Day Two

We pounded, cut, plucked, sucked, plinked and polished all day long!

My husband and I have been hosting an accordion day spa for the accordions we have and love and to perfect some very nice boxes we intend to make available for others. Buying boxes worth playing and then being able to sell them to a desirous player is a wonderful thing. So, our day spa. Yesterday my husband and I spent the afternoon pounding, plucking, sucking, plinking, and polishing. Today, more rough treatment for those dirty accordions! :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Today I
befriended "Oey" an accordion owned by a Joey and Jenny before me. Oey
is the least smelly accordion I have ever met! I had a little but bit of fun with her
today, but tomorrow we must become more intimately acquainted with her
and several other squeezeboxes in an epic accordion day spa followed by a
squeezebox orgy!  Raise your glass but be careful not to spill!

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    • Accordion stand by Accordion Apocalypse.

      Must be an accordion over 40 years old to attend day spa. No discount coupons may apply. Any accordion that plays dirty may be treated roughly by our beauty technicians to clean up their acts.

      Stay tuned for some brilliant before/after photos in the coming days!