Monday, March 19, 2012

Friday April 6th at Luna's Cafe - A refreshingly different show with hints of cardamom, clown, klezmer, cinnamon, accordion, ginger, allspice, and hot accordion babes!

Luz Gaxiola
of Circus Finelli!
Luz is an amazing musician and circus performer whose performances always astonish me. I never know what she'll do next, and she's such a lovely person, you shouldn't miss her performance! Why, not only that, she's a medical clown! My god, she's bringing the rolla bolla! Check out the website!


The Black Hats


The Black Hats are an up to 9 piece string, accordion clarinet and sometimes brass ensemble playing Balkan, Klezmer, Sevdah, Macedonian, Roma Brass, and Balkan Brass. I've heard great things about this group and I'm really looking forward to hearing their - as I'm told - deft licks!

Julie the Bruce
I'll open the show with drunk-punk-ship-sunk-love-drunk tunes on accordion! I'll have new songs and some old classics not performed on accordion before! That's right!
This lineup is going to be amazing and in Sacramento, a once in a lifetime kind of show. I hope to see you there!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tonight I'm playing at The Fox and Goose again, but this time it's a benefit show for homeless pets who need veterinary care. Last year a show saved a dog's life! In any case, it's at 1001 R St, 21+, $5, and there is a whole roster of great performers including Kevin and Allyson Seconds, who are hosting it! I go on first at 8:30pm. Gabe Nelson of Cake will also be performing some original material! I'm really looking forward to it!