Friday, June 4, 2010

June is National Accordion BEWARENESS Month!

In 1989 June was officially named Accordion Awareness Month. If you look it up like I did, it will likely take you to where you can get a run down of the accordion celebration happening at City Hall in San Francisco on June 11. I think it starts around noon! San Francisco was the first American city where accordions were built, the Guerrini accordion. There is a really great link about Guerrini here
So, don't forget to be AWARE of that accordion lurking in your closet that wants to be played ....maybe you should pick it up, or give it to some nice accordion fan you know! And if you've kept it under your house for 15 years, it might look perfect now, but as you start to play it it will fall apart. Find a nice repair shop that might want it for hard-to-find parts that aren't made anymore.  Most of all, BEWARE! Accordions are insidiously cool.  Treat them with respect, because in a way they are a breathing rare creature. They just need us to live.

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