Sunday, February 13, 2011

My awesome midtown Sacramento adventure

I had the ultimate Midtown Sacramento experience yesterday, complete with a threat to my bicycle and and fun musical interlude, and even newspaper coverage! It was so amazing, getting snapped and interviewed by the local rag, the Sacramento Bee, who caught my friend Eoin and I jamming on the roof of his neighbor's house. It's right next door to Casa De Chaos!  My old stomping grounds. She asked us a bunch of questions and Eoin tried to make it sound like we were part of the Casa De Chaos Community Project. I guess she realized that was bullshit. But it was hilarious.
We were tuning up to try to play Stolichnya by the Moss Brothers in this photo.  I had so much fun today, I wrote a song about it.
My apologies to Magpie Catering for not being mentioned. You were definitely the yummy part of the day.

Julie the Bruce -  "Stop! My Bike!"

Get up early, slam caffeine

Day old bear claw from yesterday

It takes forever to get on your bike

out the door and into the light

Now you're cruising

the alley at 10th street

lock your bike up to a pole

and this guys who's really old

is driving over your front tire

who doesn't see you trying to unlock your bike

while you're frantically yelling what the f**k

he starts to back into your bike again

like you aren't there yelling

Stop! My bike!

but your bike's ok

it's a sunny day

and you ride away

to adventure!

Traffic's everywhere

sports car don't care

so I'm cruising down alleyways

riding bumps like they are waves

and a friend waves from overhead

on 21St Street

he's on the roof playing an accordion

he's there with his neighbors in the sun

drinking beer we played on an

out of tune guitar and accordion

a photographer came from the paper

took our names and

asked lots of questions

Took shots of us with her long long lens

while we played guitar and accordion

and basked in the sun

yeah I cut my finger while I was strumming

and you broke a string and we sang Dead Milkmen

and we all ate corn dogs

and screamed at strangers!

It's a sunny day

so let's scream and sing

and ride away and be amazing!!

yeah your bike's OK

it's a sunny day

as you ride away to adventure

And we'll scream and sing as we ride


away to adventure!

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