Friday, February 4, 2011

The Secretions invite Ex-cretion Julie the Bruce onstage at 924 Gilman t...

I co-wrote "Freaks Like Us" with The Secretions years ago, inspired by my small-town upbringing and getting a full beer thrown at me by some hicks on their way to citrus heights out of midtown. It was really great to get to play with them at Gilman even if they did screw up the last verse. I had a lot of fun dancing at the show and getting excited about all the acts that were playing!
924 Gilman
Punk Rock Joel's Birthday Party!
Freaks Like Us
When I'm walking down the street
Somebody always calls me a freak
Is it cos of the way I dress is it cos of my hair
I don't know why that fear is there

You think I'm a freak?
Well, at least when I look in the mirror
I'm not afraid of what I see
Cos what I'm trying to see is me

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