Monday, December 8, 2014

You know, it really seems with this kind attention I should be getting laid more often. Or, at all.
This isn't the only time this happens. This didn't happen before I was 40. This didn't happen before I was married. Now it happens all the time. Baffling!
But seriously, can someone decide to be romantic enough to win me over? Treat me like a queen? Not complain when I play accordion too much? Play music all day, and drink all night?
Most hot women you see my age need some relief for this deep hankering. Maybe our apparent hotness just comes from keeping it all bottled up inside, waiting for the perfect burrito to splash our hot sauce all over. If we don't find that big, hot burrito, what's gonna happen to your hot sauce gals? 
You had a bottle of hot sauce around for two long? You know what happens. 
I hope that doesn't happen to me. Where's that burrito?

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