Friday, July 2, 2010

Exploring my hometown on a lovely July Day

I went exploring downtown Sacto today. It was a
great thrill, the downtown"Westfield" mall is rapidly degrading into a "dirt mall"( or a turf mall might be more appropriate a moniker!), the Hard Rock is gone as if the giant guitar was never
there. The Suncoast vanished and in it's place a completely out of order used DVD and game store
with cardboard cutouts of gross oily wrestlers scattered half-heartedly about. I think the mall is paying him to make it look like it's a business. Half the mall is a giant ad for an astroturf company. And inbetween the mall and the well coined "Old Sac" on the understated hitchhikers/train hoppers stopping lawn I gave Kento from Japan some bills for a
collection of his photographs, including this one. I like it. Maybe there's hope yet?
So, if you see a too-skinny japanese kid with dreads with his thumb pointed eastward, give the nice kid a ride. He asked me if he looked clean, and I said he looked pretty clean! So, it's OK, he's not too dirty, he won't mess up your car.

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