Friday, April 29, 2011

The Secretions 20 Year Reunion Show coming up May 27 at The Fire Escape in Citrus Heights

This is the only time you may ever hear some of the most lasting of The Secretions songs sung by the original songwriters with the band! Once in a lifetime event!
Preparing for the upcoming Secretions 20 Year Reunion show is proving to be painful. How did I ever sing like that? I've learned proper technique over the years and now I have to unlearn it all to sing at top volume incorrectly. And singing like that is freakin' painful! My throat is going to bleed!

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  1. The Secretions Reunion show "Suck-Fest" is at The Fire Escape for THREE days May 27, 28th and 29th. It's going to be AWESOME! There are so many great bands playing, Secretions kareoke.
    There is also a set at Luigi's Fun Garden on May 26th from 7pm to 11 pm. The Fire Escape is 21+, the Fun Garden is all ages.

    Now, Danny Secretion wants the Fun Garden show to be a -21 show, which means, no adults other than parents allowed. To that I say, suck this:

    I've really been looking forward to the Secretions 20 Year Reunion Show before I knew it was even happening. But by the time I sing Friday it will already be Saturday. And also, it's 21+, which means the kids who should really get to see it wouldn't get to. I was sad about that. All in all all three days are amazing shows in themselves! Seriously phenomenal acts are playing, I can hardly believe it!

    So I was delighted to find out that there would be an all ages show at Luigi's Fungarden the night before! But no! After I find out about it suddenly I find out adults unaccompanied by minors are not allowed at this show?

    Are you kidding me??!?!?! Ridiculous! So let me say this: Should you not be allowed to pay a fee and enter the establishment to see a once in a lifetime event of musicians getting together to play songs they haven't played for a decade and before that another decade due to your advanced age, at least I have learned something, that maintaining chaos is really about having control. Maybe I'll have to hire a midget they can accompany my friends through the door! I'm gonna fight for your right to party, old folks! I don't care if that thing is glowing red in the center of your palm! Don't go to carousel....just yet......