Saturday, April 13, 2013

Who knew the Toxic Avenger was an accordion fan?

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  1. For those of who who can not bear to watch the cartoon, which is understandable, here is a transcript of some awesome accordion related conversation! (Toxie is a hideously deformed nerd with super human strength. He sits in a toxic waste dump and laments his fate when he hears accordion music and singing.)
    Toxie: Whats that beautiful sound?
    Yvonne sings: The world is beautiful,the world is love, we re all brothers and sisters
    of that I'm pretty sure of
    Bad Guys: Hey sweet thing! You've got something we want! Wanna guess what it is?
    Yvonne: Gee do I win anthing if I guess right? I really could use a microwave, maybe a waffle iron, I'd LOVE a waffle iron! Oh, I know what I need, how about a socket wrench?
    Bad Guys: Your accordion dumbo, give it now!
    Toxie: Hey this is weird! Something bad is happening nearby I can feel it in my body!
    Yvonne: Somebody help me, please! Let go of my...accordion!
    Toxie: Now I'm sure! Somebody's hurting an accordion!
    Yvonne: Help help!
    Toxie: Hey you punks! Leave that girl alone!
    Oh look fellas it's melvin the mop boy?
    Your days if picking on nerds and accordion players are over, bonehead!
    Bad guy: Let's get him!
    (Fighting ensues, bad guys get dumped in toxic waste and mutate and Toxie gets the accordion back for Yvonne and goes on to fight Dr. Killemall, who is trying to pollute the city of Tromaville so his alien race can make the world have the environment his kind needs to survive, which is basically, smog. Nothing changes, eh?)